Benefits to Employer

  • Reduces some of the negative feelings associated with redundancies.
  • Creates a positive PR image that promotes a caring company and diminishes negative word of mouth.
  • Minimises the risk of legal action through professional counselling directed toward future career success.
  • Reassures remaining employees who may feel threatened, maintaining productivity and boosting morale.


Benefits to Employee

  • Helps restore self-confidence and morale.
  • Provides individual consultation with a qualified consultant who will offer timely advice and assistance during and after the event.
  • Offers in-depth assessment to assist individuals in determining an appropriate and desirable career path, and in identifying transferable skills and competencies.
  • Provides comprehensive printed materials to support each section of the programme allowing employees to refer to each stage of the process in detail.
  • Provides employees with excellent job search tools and techniques giving them confidence to market themselves.