What is Outplacement Plus?

Collins McNicholas’ bespoke Outplacement Plus Solution is specifically tailored to offer companies support should they be faced with a redundancy situation. Now, more and more organisations are offering outplacement support because of the growing recognition that it provides tangible benefits to both the employees and to the company.

The Outplacement Plus product provided by Collins McNicholas takes the traditional outplacement offering further than any of the mainstream outplacement service providers are able to go to. Simply put, Collins McNicholas is now incorporating a recruitment module into the outplacement process to provide clients and candidates with a much more comprehensive service.

Collins McNicholas is the first outplacement provider to recognise that the traditional outplacement model does not provide a comprehensive service to outplaced candidates and needs to offer much more than it has done in the past. This enhanced offering is particularly needed in this time of high unemployment, coupled as it is, with a very limited number of vacant positions. Increasingly, candidates need to understand how to unlock the hidden job market and outplacement plus aims to provide recruitment support to assist in this process.

Our Outplacement Plus Solution

Collins McNicholas provides a first class professional outplacement plus service to the business community by offering customised Individual Programmes, Group Programmes and/or Executive Programmes, depending on your organisation’s needs. These programmes can be run on your site, at an external location or at any of our facilities nationwide. We design programmes to meet requirements at all levels from director and senior executive level to support and operational staff, without compromising quality. Collins McNicholas employs talented industry professionals, many of whom are CIPD qualified and are certified in psychometric assessment as awarded by the British Psychological Society.

Our Outplacement Plus Solution – How it Works:

When a candidate completes the traditional outplacement model they are then assigned to a designated Senior Consultant in our Recruitment Division. This consultant is provided with a full briefing on the candidate by the Senior Outplacement Consultant who will be kept informed at all stages of the recruitment module.

The Recruitment Consultant will provide the following additional services to the candidate who has completed the outplacement module:

  • Place them on the Collins McNicholas database of 180,000 plus candidates which is immediately accessible to all of our Recruitment Consultants within the group.
  • Provide them with immediate access to all of the local, national and international jobs in the Collins McNicholas network.
  • Explain in detail how the traditional recruitment market operates and offer advice on how to use personal contacts, job boards, websites and recruitment agencies.
  • Outline the most effective routes into local and national companies.
  • Explain how the current job market operates and take them through networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and assist candidates in putting up personal profiles on each of these social networks.
  • Advise the candidates how to build an online profile and join relevant online groups, participating in online discussions and how to reply to online vacancies.

Provide on-going support for a period of six to twelve months.